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NYC Antique Buyers is a Division of Estate Buyers Inc. Serving NY Since 1993!

If you live in the NYC metropolitan area and need to sell  any antiques, art or vintage collectibles NYC Antique Buyers can help. We can pay you the highest possible cash prices for your valuable items, and we can also purchase your entire estate’s contents! Call us today for a free consultation at (212) 951-1887

The Following Are 7 Reasons Why New Yorkers Choose NYC Antique Buyers

1. NYC Antique Buyers Pays The Highest Cash Prices!

When you sell your valuable antiques, art works or vintage collectibles you obviously want to get the highest possible cash prices that you can for your valuable items. NYC Antique Buyers can offer you the highest cash prices in the industry for several different reasons.

First; we have a network of thousands of antique collectors that we can resell your items to quickly. This means that we do not have to hold inventory for long periods of time like most antique dealers; and can therefore pay more to our clients that sell us their valuable items.

Second; we have a large buying network of antique dealers that purchase specific types of antiques. This means that if you have a large estate we can make sure that you will get the most for every type of antique that you are selling.

Finally; we have been in business for over 20 years which allows us to use our knowledge not just to our advantage, but also to your advantage. We know which types of antiques will sell quickly and which ones will not, and that allows us to be fair with you and to pay you the highest prices possible for all of your valuable heirlooms.

2. NYC Antique Buyers Can Pay Cash On The Spot For Antiques!

If you have a few items or even a van load of antiques, art, and collectibles that you are looking to turn in to cash, in most cases NYC Antique Buyers can purchase these items from you for cash if you need to be financially compensated right away. All you need to do is give us a call at (212) 951-1887 or fill out the contact form on the right side of every page of this website and you can turn your antiques in to cash in very little time.

3. NYC Antique Buyers Provides Free Appraisals!

With NYC Antique Buyers you will never have to pay for an appraisal of your antiques. Whether you have a few items, a few lots, or an entire estate full of antiques, art and collectibles, NYC Antique Buyers will never charge you for the appraisals they provide. And you can rest assured that with over 20 years of experience that NYC Antique Buyers can estimate the value of your heirlooms pretty accurately. The Antique Appraisal NYC services provided by NYC Antique Buyers can be done online for many items by simply emailing us the photos and any information that you may have on each item at, or you can schedule an appointment for one of our expert appraisers to come to your home or place of business if you live anywhere in the New York City metropolitan area; including Long Island, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut. If we can we may even be able to give you cash for your antiques on the same day that we appraise them.

4. NYC Antique Buyers Purchases Entire Estates Contents Wherever Possible!

We have the financial means to purchase most small to midsize estates contents in most cases. If your estate is large we also have buying partners that are part of our network that will help us give you the price that you deserve for the contents of your estate. We understand the daunting task of liquidating the contents of an estate and it is our goal and mission to make that process as easy as is possible for you; while at the same time making sure that you get the highest prices possible for your family’s heirlooms. We know that it is important for you to get the house or apartment of the estate ready for sale on the real estate market and that is whey we even offer complete broom clean-out services with most entire estate content purchases. We understand that the real value is usually in the property to be sold and we want to help you get that process under way as soon as is possible.

5. NYC Antique Buyers Offers Options For Selling Your Antiques!

If you need cash right away, in most cases we will be able to accommodate you, even if you are liquidating  a larger estate (because of our antique buying network). However, if you are looking to get the most for your antiques, art, and collectibles and do not need the cash right away, on the more valuable of your items we can auction them for you for a fee which equals the percentage of the total sale price. We have over twenty years of experience at auctioning antiques and art and we are connected with a very large network of thousands of collectors for almost all different types and eras of art and antiques. If we auctioned your items on consignment we would provide you with an insurance certificate and would wrap and secure those valuables on our premises on Long Island, NY until they were sold for you at auction. We would only set the reserve bids at a price that you agreed upon and would not sell any item for less than those amounts. And of course we would try to secure as much as we could above and beyond the appraisal price as we work on percentage commissions. No matter which route you would choose we can help you get the highest prices possible at that time for your antiques and art.

6. NYC Antique Buyers Brings 20 Years of Experience To The Table!

The founders of NYC Antique Buyers have over 20 years of experience in the antique buying and estate liquidating business. This means that we can bring you the highest level of expertise and professionalism, and you can expect to get the highest possible prices for all of your antiques, art and collectibles when you do business with us.

7. NYC Antique Buyers has verifiable references!

We have been helping people get the most for their heirlooms for so long that we have more references than you could imagine. And we would be happy to provide you with those references upon request. We are happy to serve you and hope that we can be of help.

Some of the types of of Antiques that we at NYC Antique Buyers purchase for cash are:

Paintings – from all eras, especially the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Fine Furniture – any type of hand made and/or hand carved furniture in decent condition

Antique Oriental Rugs and Tapestries – from any era

Marble and Bronze Statues – over 50 years old

Silver Items – silverware, teapots, bowls and all sterling silver objects

Porcelain and Glass – most porcelain dolls and figurines and collectibles as well as china and crystal

Vintage Collectibles – anything that would interest a collector

Antique Costume Jewelry – by the lot

Train Sets – Lionel and others

Estate Jewelry – including diamonds, platinum, gold and silver, watches, and precious stones other than diamonds

If you need help with antique appraisals of any kind or with the liquidating of a family member’s estate call us at NYC Antique Buyers at (212) 951-1887 or fill out our contact form.

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