Antique Auctions NYC

We Provide Antique Auctioning NYC Services

NYC Antique Buyers, a division of Estate-Buyers, Inc. provides antique and art auctioning services for its clients and has a proven track record of getting very high prices for the items it sell.

If you have high end antiques or artwork and do not need cash immediately then NYC Antique Buyers can help you with the auctioning process.

Our network of auction houses is extensive, and we know where to place the right antiques with the right auctioneer. We will oversee the entire auction process for you; including providing insurance and bonding on any and all items that we facilitate the auctioning of, providing secure storage of those items until they are sold, setting of all reserve bid prices and offering decades of advice on antique and art selling to a worldwide network of collectors.

And if you have experience in auctioning art or antiques we also offer you the option of having full control over the setting of your own reserve bid prices. We would just offer expert advice if that is the case.

Either way, you can rest assured that if we are in charge of auctioning your antiques or artwork that it will be put in front of the right group of collectors; the ones that will pay the most money.

For more information about Antique Auctioning call NYC Antique Buyers at (212) 951-1887.

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