Estate Buyers NYC

NYC Antique Buyers are also Estate Buyers NYC!

NYC Antique Buyers, a division of Estate-Buyers, Inc. purchases entire estates for cash and are always happy to bring in our network of antique buying partners to ensure that you get the highest prices possible for the contents of your estate. The purpose of having a network of antique buying partners is because each partner deals in specific types of antiques and art, which will allow them to pay you the most money that you could possibly get without having your own established connections in the antique and art buying world.

You can call us at anytime to schedule a free consultation with one of our antique and estate buying consultants. Please remember that NYC Antique Buyers has the ability, in most cases, to purchase entire estates for cash. So if you need to liquidated the contents quickly we are the company to call.

And if there are items of great value in the estate we can auction those items for you for a consignors fee. We possess all of the right connections in the antique and art industry, not just in New York City, but also around the world. Our network extends to England, France, Spain, Canada, and even South America.

For more information or a free consultation call us at (212) 951-1887.

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