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Antique Buyers NYC Services

NYC Antique Buyers Provides the following Antique Buyers NYC Services:


This page for our Antique Buyers NYC services will provide you with an overview of the services that NYC Antique Buyers provides.

Service 1: Antique Buying (For Cash)

We are one of the few Antique Buyers NYC companies that has the ability to buy your entire estate’s contents for cash. We have a network of certified antique buyers that enables us to buy even the largest estates for cash within as fast as 5 to 7 days after the initial appraisal.

Service 2: Antique Appraising (online or at your location)

We are able to provide realistic appraisals for your antiques, art and vintage collectibles either by viewing the photographs and supporting documentation or by visiting you and performing an onsite evaluation.

Service 3: Antique Auctioning (On Consignment)

For your most valuable items (artwork or extremely valuable antique items) we can auction them for you through our network of thousands of collectors and can usuallly get you very high prices minus our consignment commission. We are often able to get our clients far more than an item is worth and we have the references to prove this. If we take your items for auction you will be provided with an insurance certificate for them, and the items will be stored at our secure Long Island facility until sold. Then you would receive the sale price minus our commissions within no more than ten business days from when the collector pays us for the item.

Service 4: Estate Buying (Including Clean Out Services)

We buy entire estate’s contents and also offer in most cases a broom cleanout service that will help you get the process of actually preparing to sell the property underway faster. There is no estate too large or too small for us.

We have been proudly providing Antique Buyers NYC since 1993.


For a more complete description of our Antique Buyers NYC services visit the home page of our website or call us at (212) 951-1887.

Antique Buyers NYC Buys Entire Estates

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