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NYC Antique Buyers Testimonials

The following are a few examples of what testimonials from NYC Antique Buyers customers would look like:


NYC Antique Buyers Testimonial 1

When we had to sell the antiques from our parents estate we used NYC Antique Buyers and felt satisfied with the quality of service they provided. They paid us cash for most of what we had, and we sold 2 paintings on consignment through them. It took about 4 months to sell the paintings but we received 50% over the reserve price on one and almost double on the other. This company definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to antiques.


NYC Antique Buyers Testimonial 2

We used NYC Antique Buyers and had a pretty positive experience. We feel that their appraisals were realistic and that they dealt with us fairly. We ended up selling all of the estate’s contents to 3 members of their buying network and everything was wrapped up rather quickly. In the end we got more money than we had actually thought we would. We would recommend them to anyone.


NYC Antique Buyers Testimonial 3

NYC Antique Buyers really simplified the job I had in liquidating my father’s assets. They came in, appraised everything, and gave us a cashiers check within a week after that. They seem to be a very competent and honest outfit.


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